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Two Students Receive Chancellor's Research Fellowship

July 22, 2013

Chris MillerChristopher Miller (mentor Dr. Huinan Liu) and Ilya Lederman (mentor Dr. Dimitrios Morikis), undergraduate seniors, have received the 2013-2014 Chancellor's Research Fellowship. The Chancellor’s Research Fellowship (CRF) is a competition that supports undergraduate student engagement in faculty mentored research and creative activity projects. This program is designed to encourage the development of faculty mentored research and creative activity among our undergraduate student population. Awardees are expected to participate in various events throughout the academic year.

Christopher has been working in Dr. Liu’s lab since January of 2012. His proposed project for the CRF is analyzing the bioactivity of these anodic oxide layers (bone cell response, antibacterial efficacy and inflammatory response) in order to evaluate their efficacy in improving Magnesium's potential as an orthopedic implant material. Working with Aaron Cipriano, a PhD candidate, they have developed an anodization procedure capable of generating interesting nano-scale surface oxide features. This research is detailed in UCR's Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume VII (

Ilyad LedermanIlya’s proposed project for the CRF will be using network theory to analyze the electrostatic interactions within the V3 loop of the protein gp120 of HIV-1. The V3 loop is the first point of contact between HIV and coreceptors CCR5 and CXCR4 on the surface of human cells. Previous work from the Morikis group has shown that charges and electrostatic potentials generated by the charges are the physicochemical properties that mediate the interaction between the V3 loop and the coreceptors. He will perform network analysis to identify important electrostatic contacts within the V3 loop that are responsible for its structure, dynamics, and interactions. In his analysis he will be using 20,000 structures from the trajectories of two molecular dynamics simulations, and 36 structures of 18 consensus V3 loop sequences from patient data, based on two experimentally-derived structures. The structures are available from previously published work by Dr. Morikis' Group. Ilya has received the CRF award due to his undergraduate research in Dr. Morikis lab since early 2013.

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