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Professor Anvari Receives NIH Funding for Development of Novel Therapy for Port Wise Stains

Professor Anvari Receives NIH Funding for Development of Novel Therapy for Port Wise Stains

April 13, 2016

Dr. Anvari’s and his collaborators at the Beckman Laser Institute & Medical Clinic at UC Irvine have received a new four-year $1.3M NIH R01 grant to develop a novel laser-based therapy for port wine stains (PWS), a congenital condition that is marked by abnormal vascular lesions. In this study, Professor Anvari and his team will investigate the utility of optical vesicles, composed of the FDA-approved near infrared (NIR) chromophore indocyanine green (ICG) encapsulated by membranes derived from erythrocytes, as a potential therapeutic agent for use in near infrared (NIR) laser-based thermal destruction of abnormal vessels in PWS lesions. The vesicles are referred to as NIR erythrocyte-mimicking transducers (NETs). Once activated by NIR laser irradiation, NETs transduce the light energy to heat, and are expected to leading to thermal destruction of abnormal blood vessels in PWS lesions. The investigators refer to this approach as laser-erythro-therapy (LET). Under this grant, Anvari and colleagues will determine the appropriate formulations of NETs that will result in maximum vascular retention time, and optimize NIR irradiation parameters to achieve deep vascular injury in animal models.

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