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Graduate (MS and PhD) students are encouraged to reach out regarding questions they have about their academic program. In addition to their research advisors, if applicable, students are encouraged to contact staff, faculty, and/or peer advisors.

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For any questions regarding general student advising please contact the Graduate Student Affairs Officer:                                            

 Manuel A Perez, MS       Email: mperez@engr.ucr.edu          Office Hours: M-F 8am-5pm           

For any questions related to academics and admissions, please contact the Faculty Graduate Advisors below :                                                                       Faculty Advisor (Enrolled Students) :  Dr. Hyle Park      Email: hylepark@engr.ucr.edu       Phone: (951) 827-5188                                                                           Faculty Advisor (Admissions):  Dr. Victor Rodgers      Email: vrodgers@engr.ucr.edu         Phone: (951) 827-6241                                 

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