On May 17th, 2018, our graduating Bioengineering class presented demonstrations of their senior design projects. A total of 84 students worked in teams over three academic quarters to produce 18 projects largely of their own conception and design. All groups gain some entrepreneurial experience while working with a business student consultant for a quarter, and benefit from industrial exposure through evaluation of volunteer judges from nearby bioengineering-related companies. Below follows a list of the projects, the team members, and the faculty supervisors. The Senior Design class was taught by Dr. Tianxin Miao and Associate Professor Hyle Park.

    1. RxWizard: app for drug prescription reminder

      • Students: Niloy Chakma, Anthony De La Torre, Mikayla Nguyen, John Tamase, Ryan Wu
      • Supervisor: Bahman Anvari
    2. Soil nutrition test strips
      • Student Names: Pauleen Banzuela, Stephanie Kim, Nalani Lando, Amanda Coale, Maxwell Pereyra
      • Supervisor: Milton E. McGiffen
    3. Auto-Crike, Cricothyroidotomy assisting device
      • Student Names: Roman Chaar, Adam Rock, Raymond Smith, Alexa Torrens
      • Supervisor Hyle Park
    4. iCare dynamic glasses
      • Student Names: Adam Bennani, Elina Konev, Rebekah Pittman, Jessica Robles-Najar
      • Supervisor Will Grover
    5. Vein Guard: Venipuncture Assistant
      • Student Names: Kate An, Allen Dalisay, Ammar Hakim, Raymond Lu
      • Supervisor Will Grover
    6. Hearing loss detection device
      • Student Names: David Chen, Ryan Milton, Alim Muqtadir, Asa Phelps, Elise Schaefer
      • Supervisor: Bahman Anvari
    7. Candida Albicans Diagnostics Test
      • Student Names: Maria Diaz, Karma Farhat, Hector Jimenez, Eric Lee
      • Supervisor: Justin Chartron
    8. Electrographic Endoscope
      • Student Names:Angela Barron, Eric Duong, David Garcia-Viramontes, Karndeep Rai-Bhatti
      • Supervisor: Hyle Park, Jin Nam
    9. SnakeByte by ByteTide (Microfluidic channel based DNA storage device)
      • Students: Melissa McInnis, Samantha Robinson, William Robinson, Sandra Vadhin, Monica Villanueva
      • Supervisor: Will Grover, Philip Brisk
    10. Special hoodie for autism patients
      • Students: Sabrina Cheung, Jerry Kong, Adria Choi, Jason Lee, Arnell Liban
      • Supervisor: Joshua Morgan
    11. Auto-immune disease detection strips
      • Students: Damian Fonseca Suchilt, Alexandra Ha, Kristi Low, Neema Masoudipour, Victor Ramos
      • Supervisor: Will Grover
    12. Anxiety detection device
      • Students:Christian Harwood, Megan Holmes, Andrew Le, Mattew Niacaris, Mary Nwangwu
      • Supervisor: Megan Peters
    13. Magnetorheological fluid incorporated into an ankle brace
      • Students:David Montes, Dana Pinon, Jsesica Si’L, Timothy Yadegar, Changxing Hu
      • Supervisor: Guillermo Aguilar
    14. Otic Solutions: A Bone Conduction Hearing
      • Students:Imran Ahmed, Joshua Eger, Alexis Miranda, Kinsey Wong, Ricardo Zaragoza
      • Supervisor: Hyle Park
    15. LED based anti-infection pads
      • Students:Ramsey Batarseh, Michael Deermenjian, Mohammad Ibrahim, Miachael Khalil
      • Supervisor:Kaustabh Ghosh
    16. Cortisol detection device from pacifier
      • Students:Brent Conley, Emilio Corona, Theodore Cristescu, Vishtasb Farkhondeh, Amin Sadat Khansari
      • Supervisor: Kevin Freeman
    17. HemoPatch by TraumaCare
      • Students:Kusal Chokshi, Sharon Gupta, Vivian Luong, Ulises Perez, Chrisopher Rodriguez
      • Supervisor: Kaustabh Ghosh
    18. StanceFlex, a wearable sensor that measures the curvature one’s shoulder and spine
      • Students:Jordan Keys, Yaritza Leos, Kevin Ozel, Kimmy Tran, Alex Zhang
      • Supervisor: Kevin Freeman