Bioengineering Assistant Professors Megan Peters, Justin Chartron, Joshua Morgan, and Kevin Freedman received seed funding from the UCR 2018 Collaborative Seed Grant Program. The program is administered by UCR’s Research and Economic Development (RED) Office. Seed funding will help launch collaborative projects to generate preliminary data, and eventually seek external funding for continuation of the projects. The faculty teams and projects are:

    1. Kalina Michalska (Psychology), Megan Peters (Bioengineering) Neural representation overlap may underlie abnormal fear learning in anxious youth.
    2. Justin Chartron (Bioengineering), Joshua Morgan (Bioengineering) Identifying changes in translation and secretion in myocilin models of glaucoma.
    3. Kevin Freedman (Bioengineering), Yadong Yin (Chemistry) Tuned plasmonic nanoparticles analyzed one-by-one using a nanofluidic pore for ultrasensitive chemical and biological sensing