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Bioengineering Undergraduate Students Publish in UCR Undergraduate Research Journal

Riverside, Ca –

Bioengineering undergraduate students Mary Nwangwu (senior) and Nolan Winicki (junior) published their work in volume XII of the UCR Undergraduate Research Journal. Mary was mentored by Professor Jiayu Liao and graduate student Vipul Madahar, and Nolan was mentored by Professor Dimitrios Morikis and graduate student Reed Harrison in a collaborative project with Professor Jefferson Perry of UCR’s Department of Biochemistry. Also, Brendan Mitchell, undergraduate student with Neuroscience major published his research that was mentored by Professor Xiaoping Hu.

The citations of the published articles and hyperlinks are given below:

Mitchell B, Hu X (2018) The Neurotoxic Effects of Cycads and Metals: A Review, UCR Undergraduate Research Journal XII:65-73.

Nwangwu M, Madahar V, Liao J (2018) Determination of Immune Signal–Receptors, PD-1 and PD-L1, Interactions in Solution using qFRET Technology, UCR Undergraduate Research Journal XII:89-95 .

Winicki NM, Harrison RES, Perry JP, Morikis D (2018) Identification of Targetable Surfaces of Cks1 for Development of New Cancer Therapeutics, UCR Undergraduate Research Journal XII:111-119 .

The UCR Undergraduate Research Journal is an annual publication across campus majors. Submitted papers are peer-reviewed by members of the Student Editorial Board, under the advice of members of the Faculty Advisory Board. This year three Bioengineering students, all juniors, Siddharth Sai, Jayapriya Vengadesan, and Nolan Winicki served in the Student Editorial Board. In addition, two Bioengineering faculty members, Professors William Grover and Xiaoping Hu, served in the Faculty Advisory BoardFaculty Advisory Board