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Center for Bioengineering Research

The Center for Bioengineering Research (CBR) is the focus of research activities of the Department of Bioengineering in cooperation with other UC Riverside engineering and science departments. CBR also has outreach activities with biomedical research units at other regional and cooperating institutions. CBR also serves as the research arm for BIG and provides extraordinary additional interdisciplinary research opportunities for students.

CBR is being organized in technical divisions the first of which is the Biomolecular Imaging Research and Technology (BIRT). The focus of the team is on developing new cutting-edge biophotonic technologies, utilizing a large array of advanced optical tools. Some current projects include the development of nanoparticles for laser treatment of cancer, mechanism of hearing, mechanism of charge transfer in biological systems, non-invasive monitoring of neurological systems and microfluidic devices for detection of infectious agents.